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Living and working in Spain

Click here to see job vacancies in Spain

If you are dreaming about living and working in Spain, you have already taken the first step by clicking into this page. A life in Spain is a big adventure for most people and an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Spain is the only country in Europe that can offer a subtropical climate for English sunbathers. This means that you can have the sun all year and still enjoy the peace of mind that Spain can offer Expats, since Spain is a member of the EU.

Common jobs in Spain

If you want to work in Spain it is an advantage if you speak some Spanish. On you will find spanish classes in Spain. If you don’t speak any Spanish you can apply for jobs in one of the many English businesses that are directed against the English market in Spain or that sell services to UK.

One of the types of jobs where you will find most vacancies in Spain is within telemarketing. Many English call centers have chosen to locate their offices in Spain to offer their sales people an opportunity to live their dream about short working days and afternoons filled with beach, sun and relaxation. What could possibly be better than to live and work in Spain? There are of course many bars and restaurants where you can apply for work, but these positions are normally poorly paid.

Practical information

With a job in Spain you have almost the same rights as an ordinary worker in UK. There are however some differences. A job in Spain means that you pay a much lower tax than you are used to do back home. The cost of living is also lower than in UK. The cost of living is currently around 70% of what it costs to live in England. Before you can start to work in Spain you need a so-called NIE-number or a Residencia. You can apply for this at the Policia Nacional. This is like a Spanish social security number for foreigners. To apply for this you have to have a residence in Spain.

You now have the opportunity to get a permanent job in Spain in a number of serious UK companies.

Click here to see job vacancies in Spain


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