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Telephone in Spain

Telephone in Spain

The state-owned telephone company which is equivalent to British Telecom in the United Kingdom is called Telefonica. Unfortunately the customer service is not as good as what you're used to back home.

Landline in Spain

In addition to Telefonica, there are also a number of smaller companies providing landline or IP phone in Spain.

Before ordering a landline in Spain you should think through your needs and which countries you will be calling the most.

IP phones in Spain

To use an IP phone in Spain, it is important that you have a stable Internet connection that is fast enough. The IP phone can also have a British phone number in Spain.

Asesor de Telefonia is a company that helps Expats to acquire landlines in Spain. They can also provide IP phones with a British phone number. The employees are British and can give advise about which landline suits you best depending on your needs. Their websites is:

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