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Tea shops in Spain

Tea in Spain Spain is one of Europe's largest producers of herbs and flowers for tea and infusions. In Spanish black tea is called "té", while green tea is "té verde". Herbal teas and mixtures of herbs and flowers are called "Infusion". Spaniards drink some herbal teas which are not so common in UK. For example Tila, made from the flowers of a tree named Tilo. In all supermarkets you will find the common types of tea such as black tea, green tea, Rooibos, camomile (manzanilla in Spanish), mint tea (menta or poleo menta) and usually are also some types of teas with herbs that are good for getting sleepy at night or to unwind.

When you buy tea or herbal tea, the price is often linked to the quality. Tea sold in bags are often just dust and contains very little aroma. The tea that is of the lowest quality ends up in the bags. Loose leaf tea by has better quality and consists of large leaves that have all the flavor and aroma intact. The different types of tea have different characteristics that affects the body. There are tea against insomnia, high blood pressure, migraines, headaches, tea to lose weight, etc. Many teas contain lots of antioxidants and vitamin C. Some types of tea are relaxing while some are invigorating.

Tea shop in Fuengirola

Tea Crush situated in the pedestrian street in Los Boliches is a tea shop selling tea of high quality. You can find lots of delicious tea that you can enjoy yourself or you can find gifts for someone you love. Read more about their products on their website:

Tea in Fuengirola

Tea shop in Malaga

In the old town of Malaga there is an Arabic teteria that serves homemade cookies, balaklava and delicious Arabic tea. The teteria is stylishly decorated in a Moroccan style and once you step inside, it's like tugging into another world.

Tea shops in Mijas

Tea shops in Mijas Costa and Mijas Pueblo. Get in touch with expats who are looking for Tea Shops in Mijas. Available advertising space here. Contact us for more information.
Tienda de Cartuchos
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