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Mobile subscriptions in Spain

The three largest mobile companies in Spain are called Movistar, Orange and Vodaphone. In addition, there are a number of smaller mobile operators.

Choosing a mobile subscription in Spain

Which mobile subscription in Spain that is right for you depends entirely on your calling habits. Some operators have low prices for calls or SMS to UK, while others have low rates on calls within Spain. There are also different mobile subscriptions in Spain with fixed rates including a certain number of free call minutes or free SMS.

In order for you to get a mobile subscription in Spain, most mobile operators in Spain require a Spanish NIE number or residencia. In addition, most mobile operators require that you must have had a Spanish bank account for at least 3 or 6 months.

Generally, the prices of mobile subscriptions in Spain are more expensive than in the United Kingdom.

Mobile Subscriptions on Costa del Sol

Másmovil is located in the center of Fuengirola and provides mobile subscriptions without any minimum permanenct and prepaid cards at a very reasonable price. Their solutions are suitable for both those who live permanently in Spain or if you want a cheap mobile subscription while on holiday in Spain. They also have a mobile subscription with up to 10GB data covering most needs for using the internet with mobile. The staff speaks English, German, Finnish and Spanish. They are located in Avda. Jesus Santos Rein 17 next to the horse roundabout. Their web page is:

Prepaid cards in Spain

There is a wide range of prepaid cards in Spain. When you move to Spain it is very easy to get a prepaid card. As a rule it is sufficient to identify yourself with a passport. Prepaid cards in Spain are generally much more expensive than back home. If need to call to the UK, a cheaper alternative to a prepaid card is to stop by one of the many locutorios, that is a combined internet cafe and phone booth, located in most cities in Spain. There you can use Skype or a telephone kiosk located inside the Locutorio.
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