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Internet in Spain

There are several larger and smaller companies that deliver Internet in Spain. The largest are Jazztel, Telefonica, Orange, Vodaphone and Yacom. All these have their strengths and weaknesses. Inter via fiber to ordinary houses are not common, but there are many operators that provide ADSL or wireless internet.

Most internet service providers operate with a one year subscription.

ADSL in Spain

When you order ADSL in Spain, you will always get a telephone landline as well. Unfortunately it is not always possible to install ADSL in Spain in regular apartments, which leaves you to choose between wireless internet or internet via USB stick.

Internet in Costa Blanca

Wipzona is a broadband and telephony provider located in Albir, in the Alfas del Pi municipality. They specialize in solutions for places where there is no telephone line. With Wipzona's Internet and telephony solution you get a wireless connection that can be used for both phone and internet simultaneously. If you live in the areas Marina Alta and Baixa, from Villajoyosa in the south to Benissa in the north, and Callosa d'En Sarria in the west, there are great opportunities to get Internet and Telephony from Wipzona. Their office is in Calle Pau Casals 5, Albir. Their web page is:

Mobile Internet on Costa del Sol

Másmovil is located in the center of Fuengirola and provide mobile internet to cell phones and MiFi that enables you to easily access the internet from your PC, phone or tablet wherever you are in Spain. There is no minimum permanence in their subscriptions and they have solutions with up to 10GB data covering most needs. The staff speaks English, German, Finnish and Spanish. This solution is suitable both for those who live permanently in Spain or if you want cheap internet while on holiday in Spain. They are located in Avda. Jesus Santos Rein 17 next to the horse roundabout. Their web page is:

Internett via USB-stick

If you can not get either ADSL, WiFi or internet via satellite, you are left to use an USB stick from one of the mobile operators in Spain. Unfortunately this leads to strong restrictions on its use, since it involves a download limit of 5 or 10 GB of data. This means that this is not suitable for file sharing or watching TV / movies via the internet. USB-sticks are also not suited for the use of Skype.

Wireless internet in Spain

If you can't get ADSL in your home you could try one of the many providers of wireless internet in Spain. Installing wireless internet in Spain normally require installing an antenna or a dish on your rooftop. There are also limitations in the coverage area.

Speed of internet in Spain

If you have ADSL or ADSL-2 then the speed depends on how far from the exchange you are and what operator you have. With wireless internet via WiFi it depends on the coverage in your area.
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