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Insurance in Spain

Insurance in Spain A travel insurance does not usually cover you if you are going to live in Spain. Check with your your insurance company what rules apply for your travel insurance.

The best option for you would be to subscribe to insurance in a Spanish insurance company after you have relocated to Spain. Spanish insurance companies know the Spanish conditions best and can give you the best insurance solution for a life in Spain. There are several British insurance agents in Spain that offer their services to Expats.

Insurance for expats in Spain

Caser Seguros has over 70 years experience in Spain in all parts of the insurance business. They have solutions for those who need a basic package of insurance: House insurance, property insurance, car insurance, private health insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, personal liability insurance, etc. Their solutions are suitable for those who intend to stay in Spain for the long term and those who only are here for a short while. Their website is:

Life Insurance in Spain

If you are living and working in Spain and are receiving a salary from a Spanish company, you are automatically covered by the Spanish Seguridad Social system. Thus you have the right to social security in case of illness, injuries or disability. However the rates are low, so it may be wise to have a private life insurance or health insurance as well.

Home Insurance in Spain

Unfortunately, Spain is currently hard hit by organized gangs who break into villas and townhouses. In many cases, the robbers are using sleeping gas so that they can break in while you're at home. If you are living in a villa or a townhouse it is very important to have a Home Insurance.
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