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Gym and workout classes in Fuengirola

Workout in Fuengirola There are great health benefits by living in Spain. Many people with joint and muscle pain are experiencing an improvement by staying in Spain. A few weeks in Spain during the winter can make it easier to manage the winter in UK.

We also have a long beach promenade in Fuengirola which is great for walking or running. In the winter (December and January) the sun rises about 8 in the morning and sets bout 6 in the evening.

There are several modern gyms in Fuengirola with treadmills, spinning classes, weights and machines for toning and fitness. One example is the Altafit Gym which is located in the centre of Fuengirola.

Beach workouts in Fuengirola

Workout in Fuengirola Beach workouts at Sunrise with lots of positive energy. Thomas Frank is a personal trainer offering group workouts and personal training with clients aged from 16 to 76 years. The sessions are customized to your personal capabilities and needs. Just show up in comfortable clothes and bring water, a towel and good spirits. You can join their group sessions on the beach four days a week. The Sunday sessions are free and after the Sunday session they go to a café to have a cup of coffee and socialise.

Facebook: Thomas Frank PT
Tel/Whatsapp: +34 694 44 84 55
Location for beach sessions: Show in Google maps

Personal trainer in Fuengirola

Thomas Frank also offers personal training sessions in a private gym. With the personal training you also will get personal coaching and he uses his PT education and personal experiences to motivate and inspire you during the personal training sessions. You can download a gym app on your smartphone where you can keep track of your progress and results from all of your workouts.

Facebook: Thomas Frank PT
Tel/Whatsapp: +34 694 44 84 55
Location for beach sessions: Show in Google maps

Gym in Benalmadena

Gyms in Benalmadena

Are you giving yoga classes in Benalmadena. On you can get an editorial review and description of your services. Be seen by expats looking for gyms in Benalmadena. Contact us for more information.

Gyms in Mijas Pueblo and Mijas Costa

Gyms in Mijas Costa and Mijas Pueblo. Get in touch with expats who are looking for gyms and other places to workout in Mijas. Available advertising space here. Contact us for more information.
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