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Gestor in Spain

Gestor in Spain

A "Gestoria" is a service office who are experts on Spanish bureaucracy and regulations and can help with legal advice for issues you may encounter when living in Spain. One can of course also use an attorney for this, but many of these tasks can be performed equally well by a Gestor at a much cheaper price. Many Gestoria working to help foreigners who do not speak Spanish to apply for Seguridad Social, NIE number or Residencia. A gestor can also assist with Spanish tax returns, advice on buying and selling property in Spain, re-registration of automobile, creation of Spanish Testament and much more.

The advantage of using a gestor or a lawyer is that the Spanish laws change quickly and it may be difficult to follow the twists and turns of how to deal with the various public offices.

Gestor on the Costa del Sol

Gestoria Bravo was founded in 1961 and currently have three offices in Fuengirola, Calahonda and Benalmadena. They have specialists who can help you with everything such as registration of vehicles to Spanish signs, switching to Spanish driving license, real estate transactions, starting a business and tax and accounting guidance and of course all legal and notary assistance. Their website is

Taxes in Spain

A gestor can also help you avoid double taxation and if you need help to complete the Spanish tax return they also have expertise on this.

NIE number in Spain

A NIE number is a social security number for foreigners living in Spain. If you stay less than 6 months in Spain you need not to report relocation from the UK. Once you've got yourself an address i Spain you should contact the "Policia Nacional" in the city where you are living and apply for a NIE number.

Residencia in Spain

If you will be staying longer than 6 months in Spain you should apply for Residencia. Both NIE and Residencia is a document with an ID number that makes your life much easier as an Expat living in Spain. If you are working in a Spanish company or a British company located in Spain, it is mandatory to have a NIE number or Residencia.

Testament in Spain

It is not mandatory to create Testament in Spain, but if you are resident in Spain and plan to continue to be so, a gestor may assist you in establishing a Spanish Testament.
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