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Car hire in Spain

Car hire in Spain When you are going to hire a car in Spain, there are a lot of car rental companies to choose between. Some web portals, like, will give you a cheaper rental car, by checking the prices with several car rental companies for you at the same time. See to find cheap rental cars in Spain. If you arrive Spain by plane you can also pick up your car at the airport.

Towing of vehicles

Spain is rife with with so-called GRUA. These are towing vehicles who efficiently and ruthlessly eliminates all illegally parked cars and transports them to the municipal car deposit. To get the car back you will have to pay to GRUA for the towing and if the police has been involved in towing away your car you must pay a fine to them as well.

Parking fines in Spain

A parking fine in Spain costs about € 70. If you were fined there is no reason to despair. Bring your parking fine and the little envelope that is attached to the parking machine and press anulación. Then pay the amount that is given on the display (about €6). Put the receipt in the envelope along with your parking fine. Insert the entire envelope into the small letterbox which can be found at the top of the parking machine. Hey presto: you have cancelled the fine.

You may also pay the fine by downloading the app "Telpark". Enter the required information about your car and and select "Denuncias". Your fine will pop up on the screen and now you may pay the fine by credit card, at the reduced amount of roughly € 6.

Robbery on the highways in Spain

There are many road bandits in Spain. For example if you sleep in the car during night, which is not advisable, it is easy to be exposed to gas robbery. The thieves then inject gas into your car and can take your valuables in peace and quiet while you are sleeping.

On the highway there are also many examples of tourists being robbed while driving. The thieves are creative and are continually discovering new ways to make you stop the car. For example by throwing eggs at your front window. When you try to use the windscreen wiper the visibility is reduced to zero and you are forced to pull over and stop the car. Another known method is that a car drives up on the side of your rental car, signalling that there is something wrong with your wheels. If you are being exposed to such robbery attempts you should lock the doors and call the police. If it is still possible to drive the car, you should proceed to the nearest gas station or another location with a lot of people. Do not stop your car if it is not absolutely necessary.


Advice for hiring a car in Spain

Before you sign a contract for car rental in Spain, you should check whether there are restrictions on how far you can drive with your rental car. If there are limitations on the number of kilometres you have to check that it is sufficient for the distance you are going to travel. If more than one person are going to drive the rental car, this must usually be specified when signing the rental contract.

Note that most car rental companies in Spain don't allow you to take the rental car out of Spain across the borders of Morocco, Portugal or France. In Fuengirola there is one car rental company that allows you to take a rental on a trip to Marocco. They are called "Rent A Car Florida" and you can read more about them here...

Choosing the right rental car in Spain

If you don't have any special needs the cheapest will usually do the job for you. If you are going to drive on the highways, it may be wise to avoid the cheapest rental cars so you get a rental car with sufficient horse powers.

Another word of advice for Expats who are not accustomed to the sun: Remember that the sun is strong in Spain - Ensure that the rental car has Air conditioning, in order to get a comfortable ride.

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