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UK TV in Spain

Many Expats in Spain would like the opportunity to see British TV channels in Spain. There are several companies that supply UK TV in Spain. The simplest and most widely used solution is to acquire an IP-TV solution. To get this to work, you need to have an internet connection in your home.

You simply connect your IPTV-box to your broadband connection and can then watch UK TV channels directly on your TV without the need of using a computer. You do not need to watch TV on your computer, the computer does not even have to be switched on to see UK TV. If you have some technicall knowledge the setup is very simple, but those who deliver such solutions will of course assist with installation and setup if needed.

Most suppliers operate with one year subscription on UK TV in Spain.

UK TV via WiFi

If you can not get DSL or some other proper broadband connection delivered to your residence, you should check if you can get wireless internet via satellite.

NOTE: You can not use wireless internet via USB modem as these have limitations in the number of MB that can be downloaded per month. This limit will put an effective end to your UK TV channels within a few hours of use.

Supplier of UK television channels in Spain

Danelca is a company that supplies a wide variety of UK TV channels, in addition to Swedish, Danish and Norwegian TV channels via IP-TV. The employees provide help with installation of both IP-TV, Internet, and wireless internet via satellite. Danelca has local retailers all over Spain. Their website is:

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