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Golf on Costa del Sol

Benedikt Kiraly Epost:

Expat Golfers with normal size wallets that have been frightened by Spanish golf course prices can now relax. Nowadays, it's "normal" that apply to all courses. As an expats you no longer need to travel halfway around the world on a golf trip ...

Welcome back to the Costa del Golf

It's one thing that Valderrama - with almost only billionaires as members - charge a staggering 270 Euro entry fee, ie if you like golf tourist has dobious pleasure to come across a green fee in a 4-ball, and get to play there at all.

But the more common golf courses like Baviera, Lauro Golf, Miraflores, or Aņoreta Golf, east of Malaga, has had the possibility to charge excessive prices by up to 80 Euro per player per round, of course, is to tempt fate in the long run.

And indeed, as the expats are both versed in golf and in terms of valuing what they get for the money, as they have in recent years gradually "retired" from expensive golf in Spain and disappeared.

Golf in Spain

Nowadays - in the financial market crisis - the Spaniards have come to their senses. It required no great mathematical genius to come up with the economic conclusion:
With exorbitant entry fees = few golfers!
With friendly pricing policy = golfers are back!

Once you have ruined your "price reputation", it's not overeasy to gain back the lost customers. It's kind of hard to explain, why they took so well paid for the same services before, when they settle for a little less now. It has to do with credibility, which is an important part of marketing a product which offers people to spend their leisure time in a certain way. Because - if customers think leisure is too expensive in one place, they obviously go somewhere else, or start with something else to fuss with: throw warp, Ludo, fishing etc...

With the crisis came the Spaniards insight - not just on golf courses, but also elsewhere.

A bit too late! - But this creates new challenges and provide work for marketers and agencies. Free to put Spain on the golfing map again! So the tour operators and tour operators that have not disappeared due to poor profitability, starting to move again. (fortunately, so is any left on the field) the price of Golf, as before, it was difficult to sell, has instead become the salable argument, where the golf courses have lower startup fees.

Golf hotels on Costa del Sol

Examples of companies on Costa del Sol are the Sport Hotel Don Carlos. A five-star facility that is part of a hotel consortium with Sports and Recreation theme. With its own beach and Nicky Beach club suitable for families with children. With large tennis facilities, 10 tennis courts and as many plexy, where famous trainer Peter Lundgren and Pat Cash holds his clinics. And of course, together with most of the Costa del Sol over 60 golf clubs. With clubs like Santa Maria, Santa Clara and Cabo Pino, located just a stone's throw from Don Carlos, has special cooperation for golfers staying at the hotel.

Many other hotels have, like Don Carlos, a business concept that golf trips should be organized by golfers for golfers. Tennis Travels by tennis players for tennis players and family trips by parents. Don Carlos is one of the few 5 star hotels and one of the best resorts of the Costa del Sol.

Who else understands best the desires and needs of a golfer on the trip may have, if not another golfer? As a tennis coach for his pupils and a parent for their child.

Golf in Mijas

For marketing they are now usingbuzzwords like:
1. Now Spain has chosen a friendlier pricing policy across the board!
2. We have halved the price of entry fees on golf courses!
3. Now travelling to Spain is attractive again!

The Spaniards believe that the golfers who have long opted out of Spain as golfing destination, with the right information and the current "normal" pricing, you will be back to his beloved golf courses in Spain.

One must not forget that Europe's finest golf courses in spite of everything is here in Spain!

Golf courses on Costa del Sol

Just look at the top tracks like Santana Maria and La Cala Europe, or Mijas Golf, one of Europe's busiest courses (at least in the past). With over Communion league prices and good accommodation is an experience to spend their golf vacation here on the Costa del Sol.

Golf packages on Costa del Sol

There are various golf packages on the Costa del Sol for each "wallet". All you need to organize yourself is the trip to Malaga. The rest is fixed when you arrive.

Costa del Sol offers over 80 of Europe's most beautifully located golf courses. You will find here all levels of challenge, from the forgiving path to the most challenging, with Valderrama peak. For every player something to discover, with spectacular scenery and the Mediterranean area tropical micro-climate, the Costa del Sol is the ideal setting for any traveling golfer.

Golf travels to Costa del Sol

The hotels will arrange the whole package with pre-booked tee times, reduced green fees, golf exciting competitions with valuable prizes, demos with golf news, clinics, in other words they will meet your golf desires in every way.

Renting a car gives you the opportunity to be independent and to discover the Costa del Sol on your own. From arrival, you can get your pre-booked car at the airport.

Golf on Costa del Sol

Larger groups may need a minivan or prefer to be driven by a driver. With experienced drivers, you are guaranteed to arrive on time to and from the airport, hotels and golf courses. All you do is sit back and take it easy.

But this is not the case just for golfers and tennis players. You are as welcome if you are alone, with just the wife or the whole family.

Costa del Sol has entertainment for all tastes and directions. Music, disco, beaches, events, and tennis and golf instruction. The Spaniards are careful to look after every detail of your trip in the best way possible: with high quality at the best prices.

Welcome back to the Costa del Sol!

Mijas Golf
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