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Erge Smart Golf Spain
Sportsman and designing artist Benedikt Király invented the Smart Golf system and engineered a family of irons and woods, that change the function and design of modern golf clubs.

The result is a high performance product that exceeds all expectations, but not the standards of the USGA and the technical committee of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews

Erge Smart Golf

The most common problem for handicap golfers is the slice! Torsion in one direction at impact forces the player to compensate with body and hands in the opposite direction in order to produce a straight shot.

Not very easy

This man made compensation makes every shot a risk. If you are a golfer with or without a slice problem, you know exactly what this means.

The SMART GOLF system is designed to eliminate this problem! With the ERGE golf clubs the power from the body and hands is transferred through the shaft straight into the middle of the UNIVERSAL sweetspot for a straight shot.

The extension of hands and clubshaft points straight at the sweetspot seen from any angle. The perfect impact area! This makes the sweetspot as wide as possible. The shaft extends down to the precise point of gravity on the club head. The torque at impact is reduced almost entirely and your slice is cured.

The Heavy Heel technology transfers the power from your body and hands through the shaft into the middle of the Universal Sweetspot. This makes the sweetspot as wide as possible. High performance woods adapt to the swing of all players. Larger hitting area and increased forgivness. Low center of gravity, higher ball flight and less spin.
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Erge Smart Golf Spain

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