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Students in Spain

Education in Spain

Why not try something unconventional and take your education in Spain? Taking an education abroad gives you an advantage when you later are going to compete in the labor market. Many employers are looking for skilled people with international experience. You can take both secondary school, college and university in Spain. In Spain children begin in school when they are 3 years old.

English Secondary school in Spain

There are several English secondary schools in Spain who accept students up to 18 years. There are also some International Schools in Spain where teaching Spanish is a natural part of the education. These educations are approved at the same level as a plain English secondary school.

At you will find a list of some international schools and international colleges in Spain.

Driving license in Spain

Most things are cheaper in Spain than in UK. It is also much cheaper to take a driving license in Spain than in UK. If you do not speak any Spanish, there are a number of English driving schools offering driving license training in Spain. If you live more than 6 months in Spain after taking the driving license, then you can use it freely throughout the EU, which means that it is equivalent to a British driving license.

If you already have an English driving license and live more than 6 months in Spain, you must replace your English driving license with a Spanish driving license.

Read more about studying at universities or academies in Spain...

Spanish classes in Spain

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