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Useful information about Fuengirola

We have collected some useful information and phone numbers for you whether you are on a vacation in Fuengirola or are planning to stay longer.

Useful addresses and phone numbers

Emergency numbers
In case of an emergency you can call 112 which is a common phone number for all the rescue services fire, ambulance and police services all over Spain. It's completely free of charge and even works if you don't have a SIM card in your mobile phone. You can also ask for an English speaking operator.
Fire: 112
Police: 112
Ambulance: 112

24 hour pharmacy
Located in Los Boliches at the church square
Adress: Farmacia Central. Avenida de Los Boliches 74, Fuengirola
Phone: (+34) 952 47 42 38
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Centro Salud Las Lagunas
If you are on vacation in Spain remember to bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). you can order it online from NHS Centro Salud Las Lagunas is a 24 hour medical health centre. If you don't speak Spanish you might want to go with someone who can translate for you.
Adress: Calle la Unión, s/n, 29651 Las Lagunas de Mijas
Phone: (+34) 951 06 22 47
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Policia Local Fuengirola
Policia Local Fuengirola

Policia Local
Adress: Av. Condes de San Isidro, 54, 29640 Fuengirola
Phone: (+34) 952 58 09 00
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Policia Nacional
Policia Local is where you can apply for a NIE-number or a residencia. If you need to report a crime, this can be done in English by calling 902 102 112 between 09 a.m. and 9 p.m. After reporting the crime you need to pay a visit to the Police Station to sign the report.
Adress: Av. Condes de San Isidro, 98, 29640 Fuengirola
Phone: (+34) 902 102 112
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British Consulate Malaga
The British Consulate in Malaga is close to the Malaga Train Station Maria Zambrano.
Adress: Calle Mauricio Moro Pareto 2, Edificio Eurocom, 29006 Málaga
Phone: (+34) 952 35 23 00
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British Consulate General Madrid
Adress: Torre Espacio, Paseo de la Castellana 259D, 28046 Madrid
Phone: (+34) 917 14 63 00
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Ayuntamiento Fuengirola
Ayuntamiento Fuengirola

Town Hall
At the Town Hall you can register as a citizen of Fuengirola. In Spanish this is called padron or empadronamiento. You need to your bring passport, NIE-number or Residencia documents, and documentation on residence. Remember to always bring two extra copies of all papers. You also need to go to the town hall to obtain a building permit for any type of internal or external improvements on your home, such as tiling, changing windows, painting the walls, refitting your kitchen, building a swimming pool, etc.
Adress: Av. Juan Gómez Juanito, 12, 29640 Fuengirola
Phone: (+34) 951 31 10 79
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Taxi in Fuengirola
Phone: 952 471 000

Taxi in Mijas
Phone: 952 478 288

Taxi in Benalmádena
Phone: 952 44 15 45

Taxi in Málaga
Phone: 952 04 04 04

Train in Fuengirola
The train between Fuengirola and Málaga has 2-3 departures per hour and has many stops on along the line, among them Benalmadena and Torremolinos. The train takes 42 minutes from Fuengirola to Malaga. In Málaga there are two stations :
Málaga Maria Zambrano is the main train station in Málaga with connections to the rest of Spain. The station has baggage lockers, but these are only open during daytime. The station has a shopping mall with many cafes and restaurants and a bowling hall. The Bus Station is just a few minutes walk from the train station.
Málaga Central is the station closest to the pedestrian shopping street Calle Larios, the Picasso Museum and all attractions that Malaga is known for.
Timetables local train:
Train Stations in Fuengirola in map: Show in Google Maps

Timetables local buses:
Timetables inter city buses:
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Málaga Airport
Málaga Airport
Málaga Airport is Spain's 4th busiest and is an important hub with many direct connections throughout Europe.
Phone Malaga Airport: (+34) 902 40 47 04
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Transport to and from the Airport
Taxi: Taxi between the airport and Fuengirola costs about 40 €.
Train: The train between Malaga og Fuengirola stops at the airport. The train has several stations along the line. It takes 33 minutes from Fuengirola to the airport. It is an easy, affordable and comfortable alternative if you are going to or from the airport. The first departure from Fuengirola in the morning is at 06.10 a.m. arriving at 06.43 a.m to the airport. The last train from the airport in the evening departs at 23.42 p.m arriving in Fuengirola at 00.16 a.m.
Bus: If your flight is departing very early or arriving very late at night, the alternatives are taxi or you can book a shuttle bus that costs about 10-12 €. There are several companies offering shuttle bus to Malaga Airport. Two of them are Malaga Shuttle Bus and Hoppa The shuttle bus must be booked minimum 48 hours before departure.

Rental Cars
At you can compare prices and conditions from various car companies at once and choose the one that suits you best.

Tourist Information
Adress: Paseo Jesús Santos Rein 6, Fuengirola
Phone: 952 467 457
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Fuengirola Fair Ground
Fuengirola Fair Ground

Street Markets
Fuengirola has the largest street market on the Costa del Sol. Here you can buy everything between heaven and earth such as jewellery, clothing, shoes, belts and so on. The market is held every Tuesday at the Fair Ground. In addition there is a second hand market every Saturday on the Fair Ground and a smaller market every Sunday next to the Mosque.
Tuesdays: Street Market at the Fair Ground
Saturdays: Second hand market at the Fair Ground
Sundays: Street Market on the parking behind the mosque
The Fair Ground on map: Show in Google Maps
Mosque on map: Show in Google Maps

Business Directory
Businesses providing service to expats in Spain: Business Directory

Waste disposal and recycling

In Fuengirola there are communal bins in the pavements and some on the streets where you can dispose of paper, plastic, cartons, paper, glass and organic waste. The bins that are built underground can be used all day, while the large bins with wheels can only be used after 8 p.m. The bins are being emptied every day but not on Sundays and public holidays. Try to avoid using the bins on Sundays and public holidays in order to avoid pests and odours.

Waste sorting:
Black container: Organic
Yellow container: Plastic packaging, milk and juice cartons, cans, plastic bottles
Green container: Glass
Blue container: Carton and paper
Most supermarkets in Spain sell yellow and black waste bags that makes the waste sorting easier in your home.

Recycling station in Fuengirola
Recycling station in Fuengirola
At the Fair Ground there is a recycling station where you can dispose of batteries, paints, solvents, tyres, light bulbs, electronics, ink cartridges, frying oil, medicines and x-ray photos. The station is open Monday to Friday between 08 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Most supermarkets in Spain also have bins where you can throw batteries and light bulbs.

Old furniture:

If you going to throw old furniture in Fuengirola you can to call the Ayuntamiento at phone 900 101 917 to make an appointment. You will be given a time and place where you can leave your old furniture, usually next to the nearest communal disposal bin. This service is free of charge.

Finally we would like to mention that Spaniards tend to place old furniture on the streets without making an appointment with the town hall first, as scrap dealers continually are driving past the communal bins to collect these items. In Fuengirola it is prohibited to leave your old furniture on the streets without an appointment, but many keep doing this out of old habits. If you get caught doing this you will be fined. disclaims any responsibility for changes of departure hours, prices and conditions for the shuttle buses and trains. Always check the service provider's web page for updated information.


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Useful information about Fuengirola
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Fuengirola is a small holiday resort with 75,000 inhabitants and between 200,000 and 400,000 tourists. Fuengirola is located midway between Malaga and Marbella. It takes about 30 minutes by car from Malaga or Marbella. The city is suitable for anyone who likes to be in the sun. If you think it is too crowded in August, you can always go to the suburb of Caravajal to rent a comfortable hammock or Torreblanca which is a bit more spacious. The area of Fuengirola is completely melted together with the urban area Mijas Costa.

Fuengirola has one of the nicest and longest beaches on the entire coast. Several years in a row, almost all the beaches in Fuengirola have been awarded with the "Blue Flag" which is a quality designation that goes on purity, availability and ease of use.

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