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Car hire in Fuengirola

Car hire in Fuengirola
Fuengirola is a very popular tourist resorts on the Costa del Sol. When you need to hire a car in Fuengirola there is a wide range of small and large companies to choose from. If you arrive by plane you can also pick up your rental car at the airport in Malaga.

A good place to look for rental cars in Fuengirola is where you will find rental cars to the best price. The advantage with is that they compare prices from several car rental companies at the same time, so you can choose the one that suits your wallet. Their website is

Parking fines in Spain

A parking fine in Spain costs about € 70. If you were fined there is no reason to despair. Bring your parking fine and the little envelope that is attached to the parking machine and press anulación. Then pay the amount that is given on the display (about €6). Put the receipt in the envelope along with your parking fine. Insert the entire envelope into the small letterbox which can be found at the top of the parking machine. Hey presto: you have cancelled the fine.

You may also pay the fine by downloading the app "Telpark". Enter the required information about your car and and select "Denuncias". Your fine will pop up on the screen and now you may pay the fine by credit card, at the reduced amount of roughly € 6.


There are many road pirates in Spain. For example if you sleep in the car during night, which is not advisable, it is easy to be exposed to a gas robbery. The thieves will inject a sleeping gas into your car and rob you while you are sleeping.

On the highway there are also many examples of tourists being robbed while driving. The thieves are creative and are continually discovering new ways to make you stop the car. For example by throwing eggs at your front window. When you try to use the windscreen wiper the visibility is reduced to zero and you are forced to pull over and stop the car. Another known method is that a car drives up on the side of your rental car, signalling that there is something wrong with your wheels. If you are being exposed to such a robbery attempt, you should lock the doors and call the police. If it is still possible to drive the car, you should proceed to the nearest gas station or another location with a lot of people. Do not stop your car if it is not absolutely necessary.

Car hire and wine in Fuengirola

Rios Rent a Car Fuengirola Everyone should feel welcome when they rent a car at Rios. Therefore you get a bottle of wine from the family's own wine cellar when you rent a car. In the UK it would have been unthinkable and strictly forbidden to distribute wine when the client obtains a rental car. In Spain, however, there are no laws against distributing wine, nor in connection with hiring a car. Read more...

Rent a car and go to Morocco

The speciality of Rent A Car Florida is that they provide rental cars that you can use when travelling from Spain to Morocco. If you are taking a trip to Morocco and want the flexibiliy that a car can give you this is a good solution for you. Enjoy the freedom of travelling in Morocco without relying on bus or train services. Read more...

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Fuengirola is a small holiday resort with 72,000 inhabitants and between 200,000 and 400,000 tourists. Fuengirola is located midway between Malaga and Marbella. It takes about 30 minutes by car from Malaga or Marbella. The city is suitable for anyone who likes to be in the sun. If you think it is too crowded in August, you can always go to the suburb of Caravajal to rent a comfortable hammock or Torreblanca which is a bit more spacious. The area of Fuengirola is completely melted together with the city of Mijas Costa.

Fuengirola has one of the nicest and longest beaches on the entire coast. Several years in a row, almost all the beaches in Fuengirola have been awarded with the "Blue Flag" which is a quality designation that goes on purity, availability and ease of use.

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