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Benidorm is also called little Manhattan due to the skyscrapers that are loved and hated. Benidorm is located in the Alicante province in Costa Blanca and is one of the largest tourist destinations in Spain with 5 million tourists visiting every year.

Benidorm only has 73.000 registered inhabitants making it the city with most high-rise buildings per capita in the world. By some considered a terrible example of how mass tourism can destroy a city and how ugly arcitecture can become. But there are also beautiful sides to Benidorm, like taking an elevator up in one of the tall buildings enjoying the view, or the old city centre with Plaza Castelar.

Plaza Castelar is located just between the two beaches of Benidorm, Playa Levante and Playa Poniente. From here you have a nice view over the skyline and the beaches.

Benidorm was opened for mass tourism in the early 60s and before that it was just a small fishing village.

Benidorm seafront

Benidorm is conveniently situated at approximately only 45 minutes drive from Alicante airport, making it easily accessible from most European cities. In recent years the local economy has hugely expanded due to the tourist industry, and Benidorm is a very cosmopolitan place boasting a strong contingent of British, Irish and Germans. Many of these live there all the year round, along with many Spaniards who like to have a holiday home on the coast.

Beaches in Benidorm

The three main beaches in Benidorm Playa Levante, Playa Poniente and playa Mal Pas are all awarded with the Blue Flag for their quality and accesibility. Levante means sunrise in Spanish, indicating that this is the beach where the sun rises, being the best beach if you are going to the beach for a tan before mid-day. The Playa poniente is the best choice for the afternoon sun.


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Restaurants in Benidorm

There are plenty of cafeterias and restaurants in Benidorm and you can find any cuisine you like - Spanish, Indian, Chinese, etc. Due to the cosmopolitan make up of the town, Benidorm boasts a gastronomic range more fitting to a large capital city than an average sized seaside resort. Some of the specialties in the entire Alicante province is Arroz, which is better known as Paella in other parts of Spain. Plaza Castelar is a good choice if you are looking for restaurants with a nice view in Benidorm

Tapas bars in Benidorm

There are plenty of tapas bars in Benidorm and if you move away form the sea front you will find many excellent typical Spanish tapas bars. A good area for tapas is Plaza de Constitución, where the tapas bars are open from early in the morning until late in the night. A warlmy recommended tapas bar in Benidorm is La Cava Argonesa with 200 different types of Tapas. Because of the large selection it can be hard to find good tapas bars in Benidorm . A good tip is to look where the Spaniards go.

Hotels in Benidorm

The majority of the hotels in Benidorm are located on the beachline of Benidorm. A good place to look for hotels in Benidorm is There you can search among a lot of hotels at the same time and you can also book a hotel online. The prices are often lower than other web sites. Visit them on

Nightlife in Benidorm

Benidorm prevoiusly has a bad reputation for being a city with lot of binge drinking. Over the last years this problem has improved, and the municipality are continously working on giving a better impression of Benidorm as a tourist destination for families. There are plenty of bars and pubs in Benidorm and you will find plenty of cabaret acts and live music. The nightlife goes on until 7 o'clock in the morning in the various bars and discotheques for those who want to dance the night away.

Attractions in Benidorm

Apart from being an attraction in itself, Benidorm has plenty of things to see. The old city centre around Plaza Castelar being one of them. Walking around in Benidorm you will soon realize that there are plenty of street musicians and that they are darn good musicians. In Benidorm you have to prove yourself worthy if you want to get a license as a street performer.

Parq d'Elx is where there are thousands of white pigeons is definitely worth a visit if you are not iafraid of birds.

Benidorm Island, also known as Peacock island is the tiny island that can be seen just outside Benidorm. There are boat trips to the Island to see the peacocks, hence the name.

Activities in Benidorm

Dolphin show in Mundomar, Benidorm Benidorm has three large family oritented adventure parks
Aqualandia, the water park, located east of Benidorm is open from May to September. The water in the park comes directly from the sea and there are several water slides, swimming pools, river rapids and sunbathing areas with plenty of fun for the entire family. There is free parking outside the water park.

Mundomar is located just next to the water park and shares the same parking facility. It is a marine park with dolphins, sea lions, penguins, meerkats and several other marine animals. Every day there are sea lion, parrot and doplhin displays. Mundomar is open from February to November.

Terra Mitica is an extremly fun and diversified activity park inland from Benidorm with rides, motion simulators, carousels, paintball, boat rides, roller coasters, ferris wheels, shows, flying chairs etc for children in all ages.

In Benidorm there is always plenty to do. Bars, cafeterias, and restaurants abound and you can find any cuisine you like. Spanish, Indian, Chinese, etc. Due to the cosmopolitan make up of the town, Benidorm boasts a gastronomic range more fitting to a large capital city than an average sized seaside resort.

There are several gyms, which offer holiday memberships and spas wh, pools. ere you can spoil yourself. In Benidorm, you will never be short of things to occupy you.

Travelling and transportation in Benidorm

Benidorm Centre has a good and regular bus service to that will take you to all main surrounding towns and villages and also to nearby cities such as Alicante, Alfaz Del Pi, Valencia etc. Taxis are easy to find and good value and there are many local companies that do regular tours to surrounding places of local interest. Car hire is easy to find and very reasonable but if you are looking to hire a car for the high season such as summer or Easter, early booking is advisable as prices rises as availability falls. Read more about car hire in Benidorm.

Festivals and holidays in Benidorm

Benidorm international song festival takes place in the summer. Julio Iglesias was discovered in this festival in 1968 as he won a singing contest during the festival. In july there is also an Indie music festival in Benidorm called the Benidorm Low Cost Festival. "Fiestas" in Spain normally have a religious connection and can last for several days. There are national fiestas, which are celebrated throughout the country, and local fiestas only celebrated in a particular city, town or village. They are normally celebrated with processions, parades, fancy dress and a general party atmosphere through the streets.

The Carnival is celebrated in the end of February (exact dates vary year to year), then there are the usual Easter fiestas, a local fiesta in April, the May Fair in May. Fallas is celebrated at the same time as Valencia. Also on the 19th of July the patron Saint of the fishermen, the Virgen del Carmen is celebrated. In August we also celebrate San Emigdio and on the 9th of October the whole Valencian community celebrates el Día de la Comunidad Valenciana. In the beginning of October there is the Moors and Christians festival. In november the Patron Saint of Benidorm, the Virgin of the Sufragio and San Jaime Apostle and this is the most important celebration in Benidorm

Add to those the "national" fiestas such as Christmas Day, New Year, Kings Day (Día de los Reyes) on the 6th of January, Father's Day (Día del Padre) on the 19th of March, Labour day on the 1st of May, Spain's National day on the 12th October, All Saints day on the 1st of November, Constitution day on the 6th of December and the day of the Immaculate Conception on the 8th. plus a few others and you can see that whenever you decide to visit Benidorm there is likely to be some kind of party going on !!

Shopping in Benidorm

Shopping in Benidorm Centre is varied and fun, with many different shops selling everything you could possibly want. Around Avenida Martinez Alejos in the old town and around Passaig de la Carretera you will find some of the most popular shops. In Benidorm's Levante and Rincon de Loix districts are Benidorms top fashion shops, gift shops and souvenir shops. There are large hypermarkets such as Carrefour, and many, many supermarkets such as Iceland, Mercadona, Lidl and Aldi in the town and the surrounding places.

Just outside Benidorm is the Marina Shopping Centre with high street brands such as Claires, C&A, Mango, Zara, H&M, Benetton etc. THere is also a bowling and a cinema in the shopping centre. Apart from the fashion stores you will find Carrefour, a garden centre, computer stores, furniture stores toy shops etc.

There is an El Corte Inglés in Alicante and Cartagena, less than an hours drive away. You will find Ikea in Murcia 1,5 hour drive from Benidorm.

Alicante is the largest city in the Alicante province with plenty of shopping opportunities, such as the Gran Via Shopping Centre with more than 100 shops and the Plaza Mar 2 Centre.

There are also many street markets in Benidorm. The Foietes street market takes place every Wednesday morning next to the Foietes Sports Centre near the railway station. The El Pueblo market is in Avenida de L'Admirall Bernat de Sarria, next to Hotel Servigroup Pueblo every wednesday and sunday. The El Cisne flea market takes place every sunday near the campsite Benisol on N-332 Km. 124. This is a antiques/flea market which often features live jazz music.

The Benidorm Indoor Market is located on the Calle Girona in the Rincon de Loix district of Benidorm and is open for 8am to 6pm monday to friday and until 3pm on saturdays.

Spanish classes in Benidorm

Whether you want to learn spanish from scratch or you want to improve your spanish, Benidorm is a perfect choice. The advantage of studying Spanish in Benidorm is that you can practise your language in the spare time.

On you will find spanish classes in Benidorm and many other cities in Spain.

In Tempo, Tallest building in Benidorm
In Tempo
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Carrer Pilota Benidorm
Carrer Pilota
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Edificio Kronos, Benidorm
Edificio Kronos
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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