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Information to Advertisers

Running a business Spain? Need advertising in Spain? Megafon Media Solutions is a collection of specialized web sites with smart marketing solutions giving advertisers the opportunity to reach the right clients.

Advertising in Spain

If you are going to advertise in Spain it is important to choose some marketing channels that are being used by your clients. We have a high average visitor time on our web site, meaning that our visitors are reading the information we provide and finding it useful. By advertising within our articles about Spain your ads will be seen.

Megafon has been online for more than 8 years and has a high ranking in Google on search phrases related to living in Spain, moving to Spain, services in Spain and jobs in Spain. Many visitors are using as an information source before relocating to Spain and continue using our website after relocating to Spain. Over the years has become renowned as a reliable information source about living in Spain. If you are going to advertise in Spain a good strategy is to start branding even before your new customers relocate to Spain. You can do this very easily and effectively on

Our Facebook Pages are as follows:
In Fuengirola Local information about Fuengirola and surrounding areas
Megafon Spain Information and news for English Speaking expats in Spain.
Megafon Spanien Information and news for Scandinavian expats in Spain.

Our websites are as follows: - Living in Spain, services in Spain, properties in Spain, education in Spain & jobs in Spain - Spanish classes in Spain - Properties for rent in Spain

No inflated numbers

We promise you we will never inflate our user statistics. We always give you what we promise.

At the moment has more than 30.000 visitors every month generating more than 82.000 page views every month.

The majority of our visitors are located in UK, Spain, Norway and Sweden.

As in the rest of he Internet world, the majority of our users are younger than 55 years. So if you are targeting customers older than this you should probably go for a printed magazine.

Advertising job vacancies in Spain

About 6.000 of our monthly visitors are looking for a job in Spain, so if you have a job vacancy, donít hesitate to publish it here. It will be seen!

The more the better

When you are looking for new customers you should always use several marketing Channels, because every person is different, thus everybody uses different channels to look for information on the internet. By using several marketing channel you will simply reach out to more customers.

It also turns out that if a customer has seen your ad earlier in another website or for instance on print he is more likely to respond to it when he sees it again. Thus showing your ads in several channels gives a better ROI for all you precious ads.

So if you already are using a certain marketing channel for your business and are satisfied with it you already know that marketing works. If you still want more customers we can help you out.

Why advertise here?

In addition to traditional banners we also provide editorial presentation of your business. An editorial presentation will usually also contain a text link to your website.

Our website is clean and orderly. Instead of stuffing our website with ads that compete about the visitorís attention, visitors will usually only see one ad at a time. If this ad is relevant to the article it has been placed in, it is more likely the visitor sees it and click on it.

We write about many subjects related to Spain and by choosing the correct location for your ad you will get a better result. If your ad does not fit in to any of our articles we will write an article that is suitable.

Ad spaces

We have many ad spaces that gives you the right solution for advertising in Spain. In general we have two ad spaces on each article: The top banner and the side banner.

Advertising properties for sale in Spain

When it comes to the ďproperties for saleĒ section, there are a couple of more ad spaces. In addition to the top banner we also have a Net board 468x400 that dominates the articles in the property section. This banner has proved to be extremely effective when it comes to CTR.

We also have a database with properties for sale where you can advertise an unlimited amount of properties for sale in Spain. These ads cost 30Ä for three months and include translation to Norwegian and Swedish done by human. Please contact us for package prices if you want to publish 10 or more property ads.

Prices and conditions

All our ads are priced pr period. We donít provide CPC or CPO solutions.

Banners can be in jpg, gif or flash format. If you donít know how to create banners or flash animations we can help you out.

Prices depend on the amount of traffic on each section. Our sections are:
  • Jobs in Spain
  • Living in Spain
  • Education in Spain
  • Services in Spain
  • Travelling in Spain
  • Real Estate in Spain
  • Regions (For example Costa Del Sol)
  • Cities (For example Marbella or Torrevieja)

Please contact us on for prices and recommended ad locations.

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